10 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Your App Launch

10 guerrilla Marketing Tips for Your App Launch

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Are you going to launch your app? 

Do you wish to make a big impact on your mobile app promotional events with minimal investment 💰?

Then, guerrilla marketing could be your secret weapon ⚔️.

With guerrilla marketing, you can make a lasting impression and engage a large audience even with few resources and less budget.  Want to know how guerrilla marketing does this 🤔? 

Keep reading this blog.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything about guerrilla marketing strategies, from their benefits to examples. Most importantly, we will unveil ten guerrilla marketing tips that will help skyrocket your app’s visibility and engagement from day one. 

So, let’s get started.

What is guerrilla marketing?

You may have heard about various advertising techniques used to grab the public’s attention. Among them, guerrilla marketing is one. It is an unconventional and low-budget marketing strategy to make a big splash for a product, service, or company. 

Typically, guerrilla marketing involves innovative and creative tactics that engage and surprise their audiences in unexpected ways. It relies heavily on word-of-mouth marketing advertising and often targets a specific demographic. It is also known as ‘ambush marketing,’ ‘experiential marketing,’ and ‘viral marketing.

Real-life Guerilla marketing examples include Coca-Cola’s Candid Videos, Axe Body Spray, UNICEF’s Vending Machine, etc.

Facts about guerrilla marketing campaigns

Want to know how best guerilla marketing campaigns can optimize your business revenue, customer service, and brand awareness? Then, take a look at the following facts about guerrilla marketing campaigns by Marketsplash:

  • The recall rate of guerrilla marketing campaigns among consumers is 75 percent.
  • It generates a return on investment of 4.5 to 5 times the initial investment.
  • There is an 87% success rate in generating word-of-mouth through guerrilla marketing campaigns.
  • In terms of generating social media buzz, it has a 70% success rate.
  • Businesses can reach 75% of their target audience on average with it.
  • It increases the brand awareness rate by 65%.
  • Experiences created with it are memorable 92% of the time.

Benefits of guerrilla marketing to promote an app

Before we get into our ten guerilla app marketing ideas and tips for app launch, you should take a look at some of the benefits you can unlock by embracing this type of guerilla marketing example.

  • Emotional resonance: guerrilla marketing campaigns can help people connect with your app on an emotional level. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to traditional advertising, guerrilla tactics are often budget-friendly. You can leverage creativity and resourcefulness to generate buzz without breaking the bank.
  • High Impact: The unconventional nature of these campaigns grabs attention and can leave a lasting impression on potential users. This often leads to higher engagement and memorability compared to standard ads.
  • Virality and word-of-mouth promotion: guerrilla marketing campaigns can go viral on social media platforms, leading to increased exposure and organic word-of-mouth promotion among users.
  • Targeted approach: guerrilla marketing tactics can be tailored to specific demographics or locations, allowing app developers to target their desired audience more effectively.

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Top 10 guerrilla marketing tips for your app launch

It is possible for marketers to use many guerrilla strategies, including ambient marketing, ambush marketing, network marketing, and market marketing. The tactics must be selected according to what you want and what resources your brand has. 

Follow these guerrilla marketing tips for your app launch:

  1. Know your target audience

A successful guerrilla marketing campaign for a web app launch begins with understanding what your target audience will respond to. Explore the demographics, preferences, and even psychographics of your target audience. Take the time to learn more about these people, what they prefer, and how they feel about social and environmental issues.

When you have all of this information, you’ll be able to determine what types of content will be most effective.

  1. Choose a guerilla marketing strategy that works for your app

App launches have thrived using various guerrilla marketing strategies. These strategies include flash mobs, street art, ad placements, events, and video content. Firstly, pick the method that fits your app’s brand. Then, craft a guerrilla marketing idea with concepts that are engaging and distinct.

  • Flash mobs: They are great for your app launch success. They take place in public places, and a group of folks do a planned performance.
  • Street arts: This also helps your message reach many people. You just need to create engaging street art that prompts folks to download your app.
  • Guerrilla advertising: This unique strategy involves using unusual ad methods. As part of this strategy, you can distribute flyers or make graffiti in public spots.
  • Guerrilla events: They are used to generate buzz about mobile apps. From flash mobs to pop-up events and competitions, guerrilla events can be anything.
  • Guerrilla videos: Make engaging videos that promote your app on unexpected locations like subway platforms or elevator screens.
  1. Find an original concept for your campaign

Brainstorm creative buzz marketing ideas that align with your app’s unique selling points and target audience. Don’t copy other’s marketing strategies but rather focus on creating unique content. Think outside the box to come up with an attention-grabbing concept that will resonate with potential users.

In many cases, guerrilla marketing was successful because

  • It was relevant marketing
  • It was a unique marketing campaign.

For this reason, focus on creating memorable and shareable experiences, and you may get some more online marketing exposure as a result.

  1. Promote your guerilla marketing campaign online

On a daily basis, more than 68% of the world’s population uses online communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter. If you want to have a more positive impact on your app and reach out to potential customers, then you should amplify your guerrilla marketing campaign with online advertising.

Additionally, keep in mind that visual content is much more effective than other types of content before you prepare anything for your strategy. A customer’s attention span is usually between 3-5 seconds. Hence, try your best to create engaging, strong visual content during that timeframe.

  1. Don’t focus on going viral

Getting viral means you can easily reach a large audience, but it does NOT guarantee a successful outcome. Do not let virality stop you from trying to do what’s best and to get more customers. Rather, focus first on creating engaging content for the customer that resonates with your app features. 

With good content, you will be able to reach the people in this market and target them with a good target.

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  1. Install guerrilla street art

Installing guerilla street art is a powerful strategy to captivate and intrigue your target audience. You can get local artists to create unique guerrilla art that reflects the essence of your app. By placing these unique artworks in unexpected locations throughout the city, you create a sense of wonder and curiosity among passersby. 

These installations serve as conversation starters, sparking discussions and encouraging people to delve deeper into the meaning behind the artwork and, by extension, your app. 

There are many possible forms of guerrilla art like;

  • ​​Brouchers
  • Flyers/posters 
  • Graffiti
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Sticker art
  1. Take part in local events and festivals

Taking part in events and festivals can help you connect with the people you want to reach. So, find events where these people like to go, whether it’s tech expos, community fairs, or cultural events. After that, you can host contests or set up booths to promote your mobile app’s cool features and benefits there.

You can also provide hands-on experiences related to your app. This can pique people’s curiosity and trigger them to learn more about it. 

Not only this, talking with festival attendees can also lead to unforgettable moments. You can collect helpful feedback and convince them to download your app – all while enjoying a festive environment!

  1. Provide value

It is also crucial to deliver value to your audience at every point. That means not just shouting about your product’s upsides but also making your guerilla marketing idea useful. 

So, how to provide value to audiences? Try including freebies in your efforts. For instance, you can hand out stuff like notebooks, pens, hats, t-shirts, keychains, or stickers in areas where your target users hang out.

By doing this, you’re not just giving away items; you’re transforming receivers into walking advertisements for your app. It’s a win-win situation: it boosts recognition and links your application with the joy of scoring freebies!

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  1. Use local ambient guerrilla marketing

Ambient guerilla marketing is all about surprising your audience by placing advertisements in unexpected places. By integrating your ad seamlessly into such an unexpected environment, you capture people’s attention and make your brand memorable. 

However, it’s crucial to make sure that your ambient marketing concept relates directly to your product or app. Otherwise, it risks being seen as disconnected or irrelevant. The key is to create an experience that resonates with your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

  1. Analyze and learn from the results of your campaign

Once guerrilla marketing has ended, it’s time to analyze the outcome and find out what was the wrong thing and what wasn’t. Jon Morgan, CEO of Ventures Smarter, suggests measuring the success of guerrilla marketing campaigns using qualitative metrics. 

Invest time and money in tracking engagement and traffic from your website and social media pages. Alternatively, you may ask for feedback from clients and partners. Through feedback, find out if something worked well for you or if you could improve it.


To conclude, guerilla marketing campaigns are all about thinking outside the box and coming up with campaigns that are so unique and engaging. It is a clever yet low-cost way to make a big splash in the market, even for smaller developers. It helps you stand out amidst all the noise. 

But it’s crucial to keep a few things in mind: Firstly, ensure your marketing efforts reach the right audience and positively reflect on your brand. Make sure your guerrilla marketing message directly relates to your app’s purpose. 

Also, remember that whatever you do will be linked to your app’s image, so choose guerrilla marketing strategies wisely. While it’s exciting and creative, a guerilla marketing tactic is also an opportunity to experiment and have fun while promoting your app. 


Is guerilla marketing illegal?

Guerrilla marketing works by grabbing people’s attention in unexpected ways, making them stop and notice the message. Sometimes, this means interrupting what they’re doing to get them to pay attention. While some guerrilla marketing tactics might seem close to breaking the rules, most of the time, they’re legal and acceptable.

Why do Coca Cola use guerilla marketing?

Coca-Cola is recognized for promoting its products through PR campaigns. One famous case was the utilization of modified vending machines called Coca-Cola Happiness Machines by customers. In a college-like location, the vending machines distributed endless bottles to people and served drinks to balloon animals; they also gave out pizzas and supper plates, which fed the entire dining hall.

What are the 5 basic rules of guerilla marketing?

The five basic rules of guerrilla marketing are as follows:

  • Be original.
  • Be creative.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Use social media platforms.

Which company uses guerilla marketing?

Various companies employ guerilla marketing ideas. Several major corporations use guerilla marketing strategies to promote products and services as it is more effective, cost-effective, and efficient. Big companies using guerrilla marketing include Coca-Cola, Nestle, Burger King, Frontline, Red Bull, Nestle, etc.

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