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TechAbility started in 2018 by Anita Gover after seeing that there was a lack of quality Technology support for small and medium sized businesses in disability, aged care, community and non-profit sector. 
TechAbility provides a range of services for any business – from sole traders and small businesses, to growing enterprises and large organizations. They specialize in providing consulting for NDIS and Aged Care Providers, Community Service and Not for Profit Organisations

Project Initiation Date:




Project Type

Rescue Software Project

Client Background and Challenge:

Anita started freelance consulting in 2018 and worked with several not-for-profit organizations and soon found her niche through personal experience dealing with NDIS providers.  Anita is a mum of a son with Down Syndrome and through her experiences in working with NDIS providers, she identified a lack of quality technology solutions and support for this sector as all the processes were manually operated. Techability provides technical support to businesses. This project helps businesses to find the suitable NDIS Software based on their requirements. 

Techability had poorly developed software which needed rescuing. When the code base was handed, some part of the system was already developed. But the system had  a lot of issues.

Our Role in the Project:

Techability had a poorly developed software which needed rescuing. We initially fixed the bugs, made the software production ready and released the first version of the software. After that we have added two new features to the software. There is an ongoing relationship with client as well as a part of monthly maintainenance and support for the software.


Business Problem

SCSS initially provided a free 30 minute consultation to understand the reason for the issues in their system. During the consultation, we thoroughly analyzed why the system was constantly failing and if the requirements were being met. The main reason for this is to identify if the current codebase is something we can work with or if is it absolutely garbage and we might have to start from scratch.

We also provided a free in-depth evaluation of the current tech stack and codebase. 

Fixed some of the technical issues and updated logics as required and helped in fixing the bugs and getting their software working as it should and ready to launch. We built a design that gives its audience a smooth user experience while offering various insights into different Australia based businesses.

We also provided free suggestions and our strategic plan to make the software work for the business: This includes how to improve the current pain point identified in Point 1 and a detailed breakdown of our plan to make the software work for the business.



As a team, we worked with Anita to gain a good understanding of their requirements so that the project was well informed. In a series of engagements, participatory co-design workshops, and feedback sessions, we collaborated with Techability to develop and refine the key concepts for the web application where admins can add the software system, what features they have, its license, cost and other details.

Admins can create sets of questions like what kind of system they want, what are the no of users, estimated cost and a lot more.The Questions are then mapped with the software. The clients can start the questionnaires, they can then save the questions and can always come back using the special link that would be forwarded to them on their first save.

Once the client completes the questionnaire they can submit it and based on the answer and different software available, the web application will rank the top 5 answers and a pdf document will be created which will include the chosen software and the table showing what requirements can be fulfilled with the software. Brief descriptions of the software are also included which would be forwarded to the admin and the admin will forward it to the client as follow up.

We gave the client access to the project management tool that we used and there was a collaboration between PM/devs and client to quickly turn around the product.



The developer demonstrated remarkable attention to detail during the ticket creation and release processes. The progress of the development was closely monitored, aligning with the client’s requirements and systematically generating tickets to guide every step of the process. To ensure a seamless transition from development to production, the software underwent thorough testing in a dedicated environment. Only after successful testing and validation did the project proceed to the production phase.

Moreover, the client’s active participation during the testing phase proved indispensable to the triumphant completion of the project. Once the development phase concluded, the client diligently engaged in testing the software to ensure its functionality and alignment with their expectations. 

This collaborative approach not only guaranteed that the final product met the initial requirements, but also harmonised flawlessly with the client’s vision. The meticulous testing and validation stages served as pivotal pillars in delivering an impeccable and trustworthy software solution.


Post-Launch Support

Upon completion of development and initial testing, the implemented changes are seamlessly transitioned to the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment. Here, the client meticulously reviewed the alterations, providing valuable feedback on any bugs or suggested improvements. Any performance concerns raised by the client were diligently addressed and resolved. Following the client’s thorough evaluation and approval, the changes were meticulously deployed to the production environment, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration of the enhancements into the operational framework.


Project Execution

In our project, we harnessed Node.js as our backend framework, facilitating rapid development of scalable server-side applications with its event-driven architecture. PostgreSQL served as our robust database management system, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval with its advanced features. Leveraging AWS Elastic Beanstalk, we streamlined deployment and management processes, benefiting from automated scaling and load balancing for high availability and scalability. Together, these technologies formed a cohesive ecosystem, enabling us to deliver a resilient, high-performance solution tailored to our client’s needs.



SCSS and Techability engaged in productive progress discussions through weekly virtual client calls. Moreover, consistent updates were conveyed via the client’s preferred communication channels.

The Result

We developed a web application  with an admin dashboard and client questionnaire to meet the expectations of the client while ensuring the needs of  the users were fulfilled.


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