Custom Chatbot Solutions:
Tap on the Power of Conversational Marketing

Take your customer relations a level up. Based in Sydney, SCSS Consulting builds custom chatbot solutions for businesses. We help your company interact with your customers by addressing exactly their concerns, increasing conversions.

How Chatbots Are Changing the Way to Connect With Customers

These days, companies can provide customer service 24/7 while saving staff costs, by adding a custom chatbot to their company website. Adding a custom chatbot to your website makes sure customers can always reach your company for questions and inquiries.

Other benefits include:

Improving Customer Service
Increasing Customer Engagement
Gather Information about Popular Queries
Improved Lead Generation


What our chatbots can do?

At SCSS Consulting, we build chatbots that make customer relations easier and more effective. You can gain brand awareness and increase customer loyalty by giving quick responses and attention to your customers and prospects.

Custom chatbots can give reliable and continuous services such as

Drive customer engagement

Generate leads

Convert Prospects

Boost brand loyalty


Take bookings or menu orders

IT Support

Pre-triage patients interviews

Customer Service

Convert prospects

Coordinate delivery

Generate leads

Filter common queries

Our Expertise

Why a Customized Chatbot?

Custom-made for Customers

A custom chatbot can give you what boxed solutions cannot: well-crafted responses that address exactly your customers’ concerns. At SCSS, we build chatbots tailored to your visitors queries, engaging the potential customers with human like conversation.

Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence

We leverage industry-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build chatbots that chat and respond like humans for companies in Sydney and around the world.

More Efficient and Productive

A difference of packaged solutions, a custom chatbot can conduct a conversation, answer questions and even hand-over the chat to a customer service person when necessary. This allows your staff to focus on more complex questions for customer support or personal customer service.

Customer Service 24/7

Chatbots provide service 24/7/365, without risk of human error, building a better brand image.


SCSS Chatbots are easy to use, with an intuitive interface. User find it natural to chat with our bots, increasing user engagement.


By using chatbots, you can save costs on customer service staff to solve common queries.


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Multiple Platform Support

Don’t need to be concerned about platform compatibility. We build chatbots for all major platforms. Whether you need your custom solution in your website, on your messenger account or Whatsapp, we got you covered.

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