Social Welfare

Family Domestic Violence

FDV website is dedicated to assisting business owners in understanding their responsibilities regarding paid family and domestic violence leave provisions. It provides essential resources for small businesses to implement best practices in supporting employees who might be facing family and domestic violence situations and need access to leave. 

Created in collaboration with small business experts and consultants with lived experience, the website offers a comprehensive workplace support package. The platform offers resources in various formats, focusing on legal obligations, knowledge, awareness, and skills required for effectively aiding staff affected by family and domestic violence. 

The development of this program is a partnership between Transitioning Well and HR Legal, with contributions from COSBOA, Small Business Australia, Australian Hairdressing Council, Women’s Legal Services Australia, and lived experience consultants.

Project Initiation Date:

8th July 2023


Social Welfare

Project Type

Website Development

Client Background and Challenge:

Dom, the client, was highly impressed with a previous project’s successful outcome delivered within a tight deadline. The project at hand was focused on building a socially active platform, specifically addressing Family Domestic Violence (FDV) concerns. Being funded by a government agency, the FDV website aimed to provide a resource hub for individuals affected by domestic violence. 

The goal was to create an accessible and well-functioning social welfare website that offers valuable information and resources on family domestic violence prevention and mitigation. 

However, the challenge lay in the project’s urgency, requiring the completion of the FDV website within a mere two weeks, while adhering to the stringent WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. The emphasis on accessibility added complexity to the task, making it critical for the website to cater to a wide range of users.

Our Role in the Project:

SCSS played a flexible and adaptable role in this project, embracing the challenging timeline. While the client had a rough scope in mind, we started the design from scratch, ensuring a user-centric approach despite the tight schedule. 

The design process was a significant part of the project, involving empathy towards the client’s vision. Our efforts had to align with the expected press release in late July 2023.


Design & Discovery Phase

The design phase commenced from the ground up, utilizing rough sketches as the initial guide. Our approach included creating architectural, front-end, and backend database structures. Despite initial challenges, we successfully crafted a design within four working days. Accessibility was a primary focus during design, as the website had to conform to WCAG 2.0 standards. This led to several design revisions to achieve a high level of accessibility compliance, including adjustments to color palettes, font sizes, buttons, and more.


Development and Technology

The development phase led to the implementation of several key features, including maintaining a resource archive, accommodating client feedback, enabling articles to be downloadable in PDF format, incorporating efficient search functionality, and introducing an exit button to ensure user privacy. 

The backend was built using Django, while the front end utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The website’s deployment was orchestrated through AWS EC2 with a focus on automation via CICD. A custom library was created to address the unique requirements of the project.



QA and testing played a vital role in ensuring the quality of the website. A comprehensive test plan and test cases were developed to cover various user scenarios and design standards. The focus extended to rigorous regression testing, with special attention given to accessibility checks as per WCAG 2.0 guidelines. The implementation of an accessible design was heavily verified to ensure a user-friendly experience for all.


Post-Launch Support

Upon launch, the project was supported by one week of free post-launch assistance. Bug fixes and minor adjustments were carried out, with a special addition to gather user feedback through a “Like” and “Dislike” feature. Phase 1 concluded successfully, and an ongoing backlog was maintained for further improvements.


Project Execution

The project was managed using a Kanban framework, enabling efficient backlog maintenance and automated deployments. Frequent releases required close collaboration between QA and development teams. 



Consistent and asynchronous communication with the client was maintained through the use of Google Chat and Figma comments. This allowed for seamless coordination and collaboration throughout the project duration.

The Result

Despite the stringent timeline, the website was successfully launched ahead of the press release schedule. The client’s satisfaction with our work was instrumental in building trust for the upcoming press release. The final product surpassed client expectations and strengthened their reputation. The project’s timely completion enhanced our client’s rapport with their audience, increased goodwill, and proved our commitment to delivering as promised.


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