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FBTme – Revolutionising Carpark Valuations with Technology

FBTme is a specialised technology platform offering ATO-compliant Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) car parking reports and valuation services. With the largest dataset of car parks in Australia, FBTme provides in-depth analysis to determine FBT liability, identify lowest rates, and offers representative rate analysis. Their dedicated support ensures quick turnarounds and availability during FBT season. 

FBTme’s efficient technology employs advanced mapping tools, providing cost-effective, comprehensive tax-compliant car parking reports. They also innovate with an Employee Car Parking Register tool to automate FBT-exempt day identification.

Project Initiation Date:




Project Type

Custom software development

Client Background and Challenge:

FBTme is a solution designed to assist Australian businesses in calculating car parking taxes as per government rules. However, FBTme faced challenges due to an outdated codebase, inefficient system operations, numerous software bugs, and the need for new features to enhance system functionality. Moreover, the rapidly changing landscape of Node.js from 2013 to the present further complicated their development journey, exposing potential security risks.

To tackle these challenges, FBTme sought a competent partner who understands their complexities and delivers effective solutions. They wanted a team that not only grasped the technical intricacies of their system but also understood the urgency and importance of staying up-to-date with the evolving technology landscape to ensure the platform’s security, efficiency, and usability.

Our Role in the Project:

Our main challenge was to keep up with the technical aspects of the platform and provide new UX/UI solutions for landing pages, blog, and tech documentation interfaces.


Discovery & Design

At first, SCSS was asked to make FBTme’s connection with Xero better and smoother using a technology called OAuth 2.0. This made sure that the two systems could work together seamlessly. FBTme’s team was exceedingly satisfied with SCSS’s work, prompting them to forge ahead with their collaboration. Their vision extended beyond mere additions to their program; they aimed to refine and rectify existing shortcomings.

The project consisted of two key phases. Firstly, the team focused on ensuring the smooth functionality of the existing system according to the client’s requirements. In the second phase, they embarked on creating a brand new system from scratch. This involved leveraging the latest technology, securing the necessary support and funding, and crafting an intuitive user experience. Remarkably, despite having only one developer, they effectively managed the project and delivered outstanding results.

The software design received little attention as the client had already provided it. Nevertheless, utmost importance was placed on enhancing the user experience. The software targeted internal company employees who were adept at using intricate software, thereby minimising the need for extensive usability testing.


Development and Technology

In this project, a single developer took charge of both the backend and frontend aspects. The client provided the requirements, and based on those, tickets were created to guide the development process. Despite being a one-person team, the developer managed to handle multiple releases concurrently, showcasing a remarkable solo effort.

For the backend development, Node.js (Javascript) was employed alongside HTML templating. On the frontend, a combination of Angular and AngularJS was used to create the user interface. The database relied on MongoDB for data storage and Redis for caching. The Node.js Express framework supported the backend, while the frontend utilised AngularJS for seamless interaction. The software’s infrastructure was hosted on AWS EC2, ensuring reliable performance and scalability. Additionally, third-party integration was accomplished through Xero, facilitating billing and invoicing processes. This combination of technologies and platforms formed the foundation for the software’s efficient operation.



The developer demonstrated remarkable attention to detail during the ticket creation and release processes. The progress of the development was closely monitored, aligning with the client’s requirements and systematically generating tickets to guide every step of the process. To ensure a seamless transition from development to production, the software underwent thorough testing in a dedicated environment. Only after successful testing and validation did the project proceed to the production phase.

Moreover, the client’s active participation during the testing phase proved indispensable to the triumphant completion of the project. Once the development phase concluded, the client diligently engaged in testing the software to ensure its functionality and alignment with their expectations. 

This collaborative approach not only guaranteed that the final product met the initial requirements, but also harmonised flawlessly with the client’s vision. The meticulous testing and validation stages served as pivotal pillars in delivering an impeccable and trustworthy software solution.


Post-Launch Support

After completing phase 2, a complimentary one-month support phase was provided to guarantee a smooth post-production journey, ensuring an excellent user experience.


Project Execution

The project followed a milestone-based approach, utilising the Kanban framework. The Kanban framework was effective for us in this project because it allowed us to manage tasks and progress in a visual and flexible manner. As the project evolved, we could easily adapt and reprioritize tasks based on changing requirements or emerging needs.  The focus on continuous delivery and incremental improvements aligned well with our approach of releasing features as they were completed, ensuring a steady and manageable flow of work.



SCSS and GDML engaged in productive progress discussions through weekly virtual client calls. Moreover, consistent updates were conveyed via the client’s preferred communication channels.

The Result

FBTme has successfully transitioned to a custom-built platform that leverages cutting-edge technology for precise ATO-compliant reports. The highly advanced system combines rigorous manual quality checks with detailed audit trails, guaranteeing unparalleled precision in car park valuations. These reports are trusted by renowned accounting firms and serve businesses of all scales, solidifying FBTme’s status as a dependable industry solution.

The partnership between GDML and SCSS Consulting has played a pivotal role in this remarkable transformation. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and receiving unwavering support from SCSS, FBTme has achieved success in revolutionising car park valuations. This accomplishment serves as a testament to the profound impact that strategic collaborations and innovative technologies can have in driving transformative changes within an industry.


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