13 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

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Are you doubtful about “Does your business need an App?” The answer is YES! Every business comes across sooner or later in this journey. 

It’s pretty much no secret that the mobile application market is booming. An online presence is crucial for any business in today’s digital world. The rapid pace of digitalization has already led to mobile applications capturing nearly 55% of worldwide web traffic

Today, some businesses depend entirely on mobile applications, while others support their operations with mobile applications. While not all small and medium-sized businesses need mobile apps, they can provide value in the right circumstances.

This article will explore 13 compelling reasons why a business needs a mobile app.

Why Does Your Business Need an App? 

You must stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive in today’s business environment. There are currently 6.37 billion smartphone users worldwide, and 90% of their time is spent using mobile apps. Every day, the market for mobile apps is growing and getting bigger.

It is evident from this data that mobile applications are increasingly becoming the preferred way for consumers to interact with companies. Because of this, most businesses now have a dedicated mobile app to attract more customers and gain customer loyalty.

13 Reasons Why Your Business Needs App

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Mobile apps provide a platform for businesses to engage with their customers directly. You can inform your audience about new products, promotions, and updates through features like push notifications and in-app messaging, leading to increased customer engagement.

2. Brand Visibility and Recognition

Having a mobile app can significantly boost your brand’s visibility. An app icon on a user’s home screen is a constant reminder of your brand, making it more likely for customers to think of your business when they need your products or services, increasing your brand loyalty.

3. Increases Customer Retention

The chances of a customer returning are higher when they are pleased with their experience. Through a mobile app, you can maintain better communication with your customers, making you more accessible and building trust between you.

4. Improved Customer Loyalty

For any business to succeed, customers are crucial. Therefore, business owners must build a loyal customer base to succeed in the long run. A mobile app is an ideal solution to build a trustful customer base. Customers will stay engaged with your brand if you offer loyalty programs, rewards, and exclusive content.

5. Direct Communication And Geo-Targeting Marketing

With mobile applications, we can communicate products, new services, promotions, enhanced features, and discounted rates faster, reaching a wider audience at a higher level of efficiency than with desktop and laptop computers.

Also, direct communications provide crucial market information about your products and services, such as demographics, geographic locations, and shopping behaviour, which can help you improve your marketing and sales strategies.

6. Targeted Marketing Campaigns

You can also get crucial market information about your products and services, such as demographics, geographic locations, and shopping behaviour, which can help you improve your marketing and sales strategies. The data collected from your app can create highly targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring the right messages reach the right audience at the right time.

7. Provides Value to Your Customers 

You can get instant insight into your clients’ shopping behaviours with apps. How about digitising it on the loyalty program you already have? Rather than relying solely on the old point collection card, consider making your mobile app the preferred method of collecting rewards. In the end, what? More downloads, more repeat customers, and increased sales.

8. Stand Out Among Competitors 

Today, small businesses are less likely to have mobile apps, and this is where you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Be the first to offer your potential customers a business mobile app. Undoubtedly, it’s going to impress them, increasing sales.

9. Be Noticeable 24/7 

Australians spend, on average 6 hours and 13 minutes on the internet each day as of October 2022, according to statistics. You will remain visible whenever they use their smartphones if you have a mobile app for your business. Your mobile app constantly reminds users about you. It’s always “in the way”, even when not used. Users will notice the icon every time they unlock or scan their device since humans constantly record what they see.

10. Convenient Online Shopping 

In the digital age, customers expect flexibility when picking and ordering products.  Customers love convenient online shopping because it gives them an easy way to choose, select, and purchase products or services. Based on data from Statista, product orders via mobile devices increased by more than 20% between the third quarters of 2020 and 2021.

11. Improve Your Relations with Clients 

Consumers increasingly rely on their mobile phones to access products and services, and the convenience of online shopping makes it an attractive option. The mobile app offers businesses an effective way to reach and build existing customer relationships and improve customer experience by providing a platform for personalized interactions and targeted marketing.

12. Targeted Marketing and Promotion

By engaging with users through mobile applications, businesses can create personalized experiences, track existing customers’ behavior and preferences, and send targeted push notifications. This allows them to tailor their marketing and promotion to the specific needs of their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty, engagement and brand awareness.

13. Expand customer base 

With a mobile app, businesses can provide their customers with personalized content, special offers, and loyalty rewards. This helps build relationships with their customers and create a more engaging customer experience. Additionally, mobile apps can help businesses reach a wider range of customers, allowing them to expand into new markets and increase their customer base.


All in all, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of the business and digital landscape. M-commerce is the future, and “being mobile” can determine the future success of your business.

Mobile apps provide businesses with a valuable way to increase revenue and achieve their business goals. Contrary to this, you cannot also ensure your business will succeed or avoid failure with a mobile app, but it is a great tool for staying in touch with your customers. Remember SCSS Consulting for any custom mobile applications or custom web applications in sydney.

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