Wagtail Developer in Sydney

Wagtail Developer in Sydney

Build user-friendly and engaging websites and applications using Wagtail, a cutting-edge CMS built on the Django framework, with our Sydney-based Wagtail developers. With a deep understanding of Wagtail and a proven track record of success, we’re your partners in creating exceptional digital experiences.

  • Build user-friendly websites and applications.
  • Transform digital vision into reality.
  • Elevate your online presence.
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    Why Choose Wagtail for Your Next Project?

    • Solid foundation: Wagtail is built in the Django framework. This solid foundation shows that Wagtial is well-documented, has a prominent developer and user community, and continuously improves.
    • Cost: Wagtail is open source. It means it has no licensing fees. You can use, modify, and distribute Wagtail without worrying about budget limitations.
    • Customization: Wagtail is highly customizable. Developers can change the outlook of their websites or apps, add new features, create custom page types,  and extend Wagtail with plugins to meet their distinct needs.
    • Security: Wagtail consists of Django’s advanced security features and protection, such as user authentication and input validation, providing a solid defense against common threats.

    Benefits of Hiring a Wagtail Developer in Sydney

      Here are the benefits of hiring a Sydney-based Wagtail developer who knows about the local market very well:

      1. Local Expertise

      A Sydney-based Wagtail developer is familiar with every corner of Sydney. They know what people like and how they use websites, which is beneficial for creating a site that resonates with the target demographic.

      1. Familiarity with Sydney’s Business Environment

       A Sydney-based Wagtail developer knows about the trends, challenges, and opportunities specific to the area. Hence, they can bring an intimate knowledge of the city’s unique market dynamics when crafting a website or applications that fit right into the local business scene.

      1. Real-time Collaboration

      Working with a local developer means you can meet up in person. It facilitates real-time face-to-face meetings and project discussions and maintains open lines of communication throughout the development process. 

      1. Quick Support

      In the event of technical issues or updates, having a Wagtail developer in the same time zone leads to faster response times and problem resolution. It results in less downtime and a website stays up to date.

        How to Choose the Right Wagtail Developer

        Choosing the right Wagtail professional is crucial for the success of your project. It directly impacts your digital success. Consider the following factors to select the right Wagtail developer:

        • Research Different Developers: Many skilled and semi-skilled Wagtail Developers are there in Sydney. Conduct one-on-one interviews and choose a developer who is truly passionate about Wagtail and the content management system.
        • Evaluate Experience: Choose Django developers who have already worked on the Wagtail projects. Check their portfolios, the projects they have worked on, and client reviews to measure their skills and knowledge.
        • Technical Proficiency: Ensure the developer have knowledge of a relevant programming language, particularly Python, Django, and Wagtail.  This knowledge promotes the smooth development of your project.
        • Check References: Have a good talk with the person/ organization listed as a reference in the developer’s portfolios. Speaking with them will provide valuable insights into the developer’s capabilities and professionalism. 

        How to find a Wagtail Developer in Sydney

        Finding a Wagtail developer requires careful online research in Sydney. For this, you can explore various online job portals and other multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Seek, Upwork, etc where developers usually post their portfolios, experience, and the number of projects they have worked on. 

        Additionally, attend local tech events, workshops, and conferences in Sydney. These gatherings provide opportunities to connect with developers and agencies specializing in Wagtail.

        Moreover, you can collaborate with a local digital agency like SCSS Consulting, which specializes in developing Wagtail projects- websites and applications. 

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        How Do We Work?

        We believe that a large part of a custom development project’s success relies on a great relationship with our customers. Our working process is geared to provide fast, transparent and accurate development process.

        Detailed Discovery Sessions

        We start by gathering all relevant information, your requirements, vision and expected outcome of the project.

        Design and Development

        SCSS Consulting develops a detailed plan with a scope and budget tailored to your requirements. Our Agile methodology enables us to test and refine the product with every milestone, ensuring a secure and effective product. We then develop a working prototype so you can see your site or app as they will look at launch.


        We work on constant collaboration with our customers, giving them projected outcomes and updates. SCSS Consulting developers can then adapt the project to your changes or prioritise some functions without delaying the launch.

        Full Ownership

        Once the project is finished, you get full ownership of the product. But we don’t leave you uncovered, we stay at hand to give support as you need.

        We Are Experts At

        SaaS Multi-Tenanted System

        This enables us to provide cost-effective custom development. Multi-tenancy not only saves costs but also makes it easier to update the solution once launched, keeping you ahead of competitors. Ask us how we can help you save costs with multi-tenancy.


        We develop your custom WordPress website. This combines the uniqueness of a custom site with the reliability of being hosted in WordPress. The SCSS Consulting team also builds custom WordPress plugins for your website to add functionality and improve user experience.

        API Development

        A custom API can increase your company’s ROI and improve productivity. At SCSS Consulting we develop custom APIs that integrate operations, optimize your mobile site or app and improve your customer experience.

        Enterprise Web App

        You can save costs and time by having a bespoke application to streamline, manage and record your company workflows and processes. SCSS Consulting develops solutions that make it easier to manage operations.

        Product Scaling

        Projects are dynamic. Sometimes you need to adapt your product to a growing demand or traffic. We help scale your project so you can keep up with increasing workloads with ease.

        MVP Development

        If you need a Minimum Viable Product to pitch investors, or test an idea, we can build a show-stopper MVP that will bring your concept to life. At SCSS Consulting, we give you a MVP or working prototype as part of our working process for projects. This allows you to launch with limited functionality and test the product live.

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        Leading Edge Tech

        We work with leading edge technologies as we know how important it is to future-proof your business. We only work with latest and most popular languages, frameworks and platforms.


        Python’s expansive library of open-source data analysis tools, web frameworks, and testing instruments make its ecosystem one of the largest out of any programming community. Python is being used by most of the fortune 500 companies like youtube, dropbox and google


        Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Django is ridiculously fast. reassuringly secure and exceedingly scalable. Django is used by various big companies like Instagram, Nasa and Pinterest.


        Angular is a front-end framework for building robust applications. Angular is backed by Google.


        Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.