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Realestate Chatbot Solutions: Tap on the Power of Conversational Marketing

Take your customer relations a level up. Based in Sydney, SCSS Consulting builds chatbot solutions for Real Estate. We help your company interact with your customers by addressing exactly their concerns, increasing conversions.

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How chatbot are transforming Real Estate business?

Adding a chatbot to your website can be a game changer for your company. Conversational technology is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your customer service. These times, customers look online for goods and services, and they want immediate answers. If they don’t get them at your site, they will leap to a competitor’s.

Chatbots help customers with common questions while leaving your staff free to attend more tough cases. A chatbot can also give you valuable information about your customers. When users interact with the chatbot, they allow you to know what they are looking for. You can use this data to refine your marketing strategy and generate leads.

Generate Qualified Leads

Bots can qualify your leads by comparing their behaviour with previous clients and ranking them so that your agent can only contact highly qualified leads and save their valuable time.

Real-time Response

With a chatbot, your customers can get instant answers to their queries. Therefore, your customers can reach your business anytime and you can significantly save Customer Support Cost.

Personalized Recommendations

Different customers are looking for different types property and chatbot ask customers series of questions to come up with more relevant recommendation.

Real Estate Chatbot

Available 24×7

Unlike real estate agents, chatbot are available round the clock, and can offer customer service 365 days a year. It can save customer service cost and speed up response time by 80%

Automated Follow – ups

Chabot can easily follow-up on your potential lead via the medium they prefer like email, social media, Facebook messengers, or SMS.

Automated scheduling

Once the chatbot qualifies prospect a lead, they can schedule property viewing via Chatbot and bot can also escalate the communication to real estate agents.

One Time Offer!

During this pandemic situation, SCSS Consulting have prepared a FREE package to help each other grow and promote local business.

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