Xero Partnership

SCSS Consulting is official Xero Developer Partner

Xero provides cloud based accounting management system solutions for small to medium businesses. SCSS Consulting provides custom integration solutions to Xero to meet your specific business needs.

Some of the use cases that we can help with

Custom Xero Integration

  • You have a application that you use for managing orders. SCSS Consulting can developing a plugin on your application so that with every purchase order invoice in Xero can be created automatically.

Upgrade from Xero oAuth1.0 authentication to oAuth2.0

  • If you have existing Xero integration and need to upgrade to oAUTH2.0. Xero has stopped supporting old oAuth1.0 authentication and you need to move to oAuth2.0 authentication. We can help with that.

Our Recent Xero Case Study

The first engagement started with SCSS to upgrade FBTme Xero integration to oAuth2.0 integration so that it all seamlessly integrated with Xero.

GDML was delighted with the service and integration provided by SCSS – they continued engaging SCSS to add plenty of new features and fix existing issues.